Soft Press Vinyl Heat Transfer

Our Soft Press Vinyl Heat Transfer uses a Polyurethane film.  These are the desired medium for t-shirt transfer graphics. These PU products tend to be thinner and more stretchable so they feel like part of the garment. This soft “hand” is what makes them so perfect for apparel graphics. In addition to their softness and conformability, current technology and advanced ink system to print on soft vinly to ensure that will not fade nor peel. The image is actually fused onto the garmet giving it a soft feel. This is ideal for dark or black shirts that traditionally require heavy ink to achieve a similiar look.

Additionally, other advantages are:

1. Quick Turnaround

2. Prints up to 300 DPI

3. Soft Feel

4. Image Does Not Fade

5. Does include white in your image on any shirt color

6. Works on virtually any color shirt

7. Cost is based on image locations, not how many colors

Additional Considerations

Not all artwork will work with transfers.  The artwork needs to be clean lines without small text or fine lines that need to be cut around.  IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE ISSUES, WE WILL NEED TO PRINT WHITE AROUND THAT PART OF THE IMAGE IN ORDER TO WEED YOUR ARTWORK AND APPLY YOUR IMAGE.  IF YOU DO NOT WANT THIS, DO NOT CHOOSE SOFT PRESS HEAT TRANSFERS.  As you can see below, the full color images do look great!

  JDog Transfer Image for Custom T-Shirts